Philippine Actor AJ Perez Reported Killed inTragic Highway Accident on Way Home From Show

Philippine Actor AJ Perez

Philippine Actor AJ Perez

According to published reports from the Philippines, talented 18 year old actor and model AJ Perez was killed today in a traffic accident.

First reports indicate that the van in which he was a passenger collided with an oncoming bus, and that he succumbed to multiple head injuries, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital where he was taken.

His career had been launched after being featured in television commercials for Globe and Milo, and he had been an alumni of StarMagic Batch 13. He had recently been featured on the ABS-CBN programs, Sabel and Showtime.

His last tweet prior to the accident was ,” On the way home already from Dagupan.Long drive ahead.. Thanks to everybody who watched, thanks to zui for the gifts. And hi again to jarred!”

We here at 8PAK.COM extend our deepest condolences to his family.

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