Personal Finance; 5 Ways Going Green Can Add a Little Green to Your Wallet – Almost $250 a Month

CHICAGO, Ill., April 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Celebrating Earth Day by going green can improve the health of our planet and your finances. The Illinois CPA Society offers these ideas for sustainable Earth Day savings:

  1. Drink tap water.  The average case of 24 16 oz. bottles of water costs $5.99 (and takes 72 fl oz. of crude oil to make).  If you’re keeping with the recommended daily amount of 64 oz of water per day, you’d save yourself roughly $365 a year by ditching the bottle and filling up at the tap. Potential monthly savings: Approximately $100.00.
  2. Easy on the gas.  With gas climbing up to over $4.00 a gallon, now may be the time to consider mass transit. Check out your local public transit system or ask coworkers if they’d like to carpool.  Forking over less cash at the pump also means lower emissions into the air. Potential monthly savings: Approximately $50.00
  3. Keep Mother Nature at bay.  Make sure your windows and sliding doors are keeping the cold out and heat in the house. Although there is an upfront expense to buying replacements, you could see a reduction on your utility bills over the course of the year. Potential monthly savings: Approximately $25-$50 per month
  4. Tote it around. Keep a durable canvas bag with you to cut down on your plastic bag usage. It’s great for groceries or shopping, and some stores even offer a small discount at the checkout if you have your own bag. Potential monthly savings:  Approximately $5 to $10 dollars in discounts.
  5. Buy things that are “new to you”.  With spring comes garage sale season.  You never know what gems you may find – household item, seasonal decorations and even furniture that can be refinished. Cut down on your waste, too, by donating gently-used items to thrift shops. You may even earn a little bit back on your investments by finding a consignment store in your area. Potential monthly savings:  Approximately $25 or $30

Small changes can make a difference – to the environment and your bank account. For more money-saving ideas and resources check out the ICPAS Consumer page at and the Environmental Protection Agency at Also check out Illinois CPA Society consumer tips on Twitter @Thriftitude.

SOURCE Illinois CPA Society

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