The Global Economy; English Language Skills Could Boost Employability and Earning Potential, Says TalktoCanada

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TalktoCanada, the company trusted by Ernst & Young, Novartis and Saudi Telecom for English language training, today shared new insights suggesting that job-seekers who are able to speak another language have a higher chance of finding work and at higher pay grades.

With global employment currently on the rise, research into employment statistics has consistently shown that proficiency in a foreign language brings clear advantages in terms of employability.

For example, one survey conducted by a specialist language recruiter* suggested that language skills significantly improved chances of landing a job and commanding better pay grades.

Out of 228 employers surveyed, 86% felt that languages were an important skill set. Only 27% of businesses say they have no need for foreign language skills.

“Employers are increasingly looking for people with the ability to speak a second language such as English, particularly conversational language skills which help build relationships with existing partners and to make contacts and networks in new markets,” says Marc Anderson, Managing Director of TalktoCanada.

The ability to speak English is particularly important in sectors such as manufacturing and banking, finance and insurance, reflecting the global environment they operate in. The greatest single demand for English speaking skills is for building relationships across continents.

“Just having sufficient English speaking skills to carry on a conversation over dinner or networking drinks can make a great difference to businesses operating in a global market,” says Anderson.

TalktoCanada was founded in 2006 and credits its success in online English language training to the global acceptance of communication tools such as Skype and WebEx.

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