Here Are Some Great Tips for a Smooth Start in College!

Newswise — The decision has been made, forms have all been filled out, and you’ve begun packing—it’s official: college is almost here.

“With the big items checked off your list, now is the time to focus on some of the smaller details,” says Allison Carter, director of admissions at Michigan Technological University. “Covering all the bases—like making sure there’s a nearby branch for your family’s bank and investigating cell phone coverage in the area—will help really prepare your family for the first year of college.”

Find first-year college success with the following tips…

• You’ve applied for housing and received your residence hall and roommate info—now’s the time to contact your roommate(s), get to know one another, and talk about what each person is bringing for your room. You don’t want to arrive on campus in August only to discover that you have three microwaves and no hairdryer.

• If your school has a general or admissions facebook page, be sure to “like” it—it’s a great way to get details and engage with the community before arriving on campus.

• Investigate cell phone plans. Depending on how far you’re moving from home, your local provider(s) may not offer service, or there may be out-of-area charges.

• Does your new school have a summer reading program? If so, make sure you read the book and arrive to campus prepared to discuss. It’s more than just a reading assignment—each year Michigan Tech’s Reading as Inquiry program provides small-group discussions between similar-major students and a facilitator, plus an opportunity to meet and hear from the book’s author. It’s a great opportunity to get the conversation rolling and meet new friends!

• Research local banks to make sure there’s a branch conveniently located near campus. If not, you may need to open an account at a new bank and transfer funds before starting school.

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Released: 7/22/2011
Source: Michigan Technological University

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